What will be about Unreal Studio academic / student licenses?

This morning I had a meeting for planning a BIM (Revit) to VR course. I told about using Unreal Studio and they asked me if there will be some kind of academic licenses, question that I rebound here.

Hi Santiago.

At the point that the Unreal Studio Beta ends, and the product becomes a paid service, we do intend to have an academic license. We are still determining the details around the academic offering, but we will be sure to share those details well in advance of the transition.


To be clear, the existing Unreal Studio Beta can be used for both commercial and educational purposes (and it is free for now). Before we start charging for it, we will announce our EDU pricing (if any) and how the product will work for education. We’re a couple months from figuring out EDU right now.


Really I’m suggesting to include Unreal Studio inside the study program to teach how to implement a quick workflow from Revit to VR.

Well, I know there is an alpha program for Revit plugin (I’m waiting for it) but until it is operative, US + Datasmith is the key.

To be clear, the revit plugin will export Datasmith files exactly like 3ds max. It won’t be a Enscape/ Twinmotion plugin. I am not sure if that’s how you interpreted it or not… :slight_smile:

Absolutely pristine. It’s how I expect.

Any news on the price for academic licences for unreal studio? We are in the same boat an need to know if we can plan to use unreal in a upcoming coarse.

Unreal Studio is remaining in free beta for another year (through Sept 2019). While free, it can be used for commercial and educational purposes. We will be sure to announce our plans around educational licensing as the time arrives in another year.


I think it is highly likely that students will be able to use Unreal Studio for free for quite some time. We just haven’t figured out our institutional offering, give us a couple months. I’m sure it will be favorably received.