What wildcard should I use to cast to a widget blueprint?

that’s the question Idk what to cast to

You don’t cast a wildcard. In this case, you would only need to cast, if you had a reference to something that was a parent class of a GameOverWidget.

What are you trying to do?

I don’t know what the parent is to a widget cast, I know how to cast and everything just don’t know the wildcard for widget casting

Are you trying to talk to the wave number widget?

yeah sorry for late reply

How would I go about that? sorry for bugging you alot

Then you don’t need the cast. You have just created the widget, so you already have a reference:

yeah thanks but that didn’t work either I need the Boolean is be turned true from another blueprint

I’m trying to call this

So you have 2 widgets.

  • Wave Number is created in the Level Bleuprint
  • where is the Game Over widget created then

the player blueprint calls it

the player blueprint calls it

Store references to widgets. That’s how you access them later.

so I recreate that in the player blueprint?

No, this is what you’ve got now - it even says Level Blueprint in the bottom right…

You wanted to access a variable of the player’s widget, right. You wanted to do it in the LB - as per your screenshot; you also said:

the player blueprint calls it

My image shows how the LB can access the player, its widget and then that widget’s variable. You just need to start refencing widgets properly. You can’t get far with it.

alright thanks for your help sorry for the stupid questions

Not stupid at all, actually - it’s asked very, very often. Especially this - how do I get the object for the cast node.

Communicating with the LB is a royal pain the neck at times. Avoid it if you can.