What video files does UE4 support?

Alright so a simple thing, I am trying to (working on a small game demo with a programmer I hired, it’s nearly done) get a cutscene to play in this demo that will be triggered by a certain in game event; What I mean is the video will take up the entire screen like it’s one of those pre rendered cutscenes, and when the cutscene ends, the game will resume. So basically the game pauses when this cutscene starts, and then resumes after it ends.

What format and files are supported by UE4 for this sorta thing? I know .mp4’s are supported, but is there anything else I should know? We are almost done with it and just wanna make sure this can be done is all. Any advice is appreciated.

mp4 is the most widely supported format and is recommended, but here’s a list of supported files: