What values do i use?

UKismetMathLibrary::BreakRotator(FRotator InRot, float &Roll, float &Pitch, float &Yaw)

im struggling with float & roll, what does that mean?

Thank You

Hi Bamboo,

float = Floating-point arithmetic - Wikipedia

& = “pass by reference”. Meaning a memory address will be passed, instead of the float itself. Parameter (computer programming) - Wikipedia

Roll = the forward axis of movement.

Basically, parameters with an & are “out parameters”. You declare the parameter, then pass it to the function by reference. The function uses the reference to edit the memory. It’s a way to “return” data w/o using return.

float Roll;
float Pitch;
float Yaw;  // all uninitialized

UKismetMathLibrary::BreakRotator(InRot, Roll, Pitch, Yaw);

// Now Roll Pitch, Yaw, have been set to the values taken from InRot

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Hey, you’re welcome. Mark my answer correct if you liked it :slight_smile: I’ve been learning UE4 since January. There are courses on Udemy that are very helpful. https://www.udemy.com/course/unrealcourse/ Cheers!