What types of communication with the "outside world" possible in blueprints?

What types of communication with the “outside world” possible in blueprints?

(without third-party plugins or writing C++ code)

For example - maybe reading (or writing) in runtime(!) a specific csv or text-file from the web, or from the file system? Maybe SQL? Maybe something else (even if it’s something small or insignificant)?

I’m asking because I want to try blueprints and unreal as a platfrom for app development (don’t tell me not to do it, I’ll do it anyway :slight_smile:

Just Using Blueprints you will be very much limited. i dont think you can even create a folder using blueprint. you pretty much cant create a file, delete a file or other file management stuff. i dont think you can write to csv but maybe you will be able to read from csv using bp, that too may be not possible on runtime and you probably will have to do it manually.

there is rama’s victory plugin which you can use. its basically a bunch of functions that you can access using bp without compiling any code or anything. it contains a lot of them, i think pretty much whatever came to his mind, even small pre written function to find the bigger of two numbers(i think)

Uhh I’m a super noob so I wouldn’t be able to but I do remember seeing a good thread about pc interaction with bps when I was trying to figure out getting the real time date and clock I’ll link it if I can find it.

I know you can get plenty of system information or even pull information from files (at runtime!) in bps.

For example there’s plenty of nodes that allow you to access your pc’s date/time.

PerCat, can you be more specific?

nope from what i know, unless you are using a plugin you cant pull information from files on runtime. you may be able to get some information like Date and time(“Now” node) and the OS Name (maybe i think there is a node for this from what i remember).