What toolset do the Epic devs use?

I’m starting to plan out what tools I need to adopt. The sample content has impressed the hell out of me, particularly how it was constructed. I’m guessing that the tools that the Epic devs use provide the optimal workflow.

What do Epic staff use? Maya? World Machine? Softimage? 3DS Max? Any chance one of you can list out all the tools you like the most and recommend?

As far as I heard they use Maya for animations and 3ds max for meshes:)

In general our artists use whatever they are comfortable using and what gives them the best results. We have a very wide range of tools in use internally - Max, Maya, Softimage, Modo, Zbrush, Mudbox, etc. and people tend to use different tools for different types of work and switch applications. Warren Marshall might be able to shed more light on all this :slight_smile:

That’s a good list of places to start! I suppose my question now is: what do you guys at Epic like that we probably haven’t heard of and what is it best at?

I’m a Cinema4D user myself and it’s giving me trouble with UE so I’m starting to look at the lesser-known Coat3D as a replacement for BodyPaint. Likewise World Machine seems unbeatable for crafting terrain but nobody has heard of it.

maya and zbrush for sculpting texturing and rendering via maya and photoshop (ddso, ndo they are very powerful photoshop plugins for texturing and also rendering ) and yes world machine for maps and the best for rigging and annimation for me is maya just amazing

That is why you should not believe the “Blender rules the world” statements :wink:
If you want to work on big companies like this you must to be super effective with Maya/Max/Modo/ZBrush, etc.

hhh^^ never used blender so can’t say but all big movies and games and i think all of the best of them used zbrush, it is just the master of sculpting tools, maya and 3ds max are quite asame for modeling (you use them with zbrush ) it’s just a matter of choice they both work with geometry faces and edges… and for texturing of course photoshop i forget but there is marmoset it is a verry powerfull tool and yes you probablly should master one or all of them there is a lot of website to do that i use
digitalttors but there is 3dbuzz, eat3d, zbrushworshops… just go take a look it really helps me ( i’m not working for them ^^)

I found the nDo site in links but it appears to have ceased to exist. I wasn’t about to figure out what DDSO is. Do you have a link for it?

actually it is not ddso^^ but ddo and the website is quixel lab

and to purchase here :

Dan is right, the artists here use a WIDE range of tools. This is a sampling taken from environment, character and cinematic artists across the company.

3DS Max
3D Coat
Substance Designer
Sketchbook Pro
Storyboard Pro
Quicktime Pro

So … basically, everything. :slight_smile:

But the lesson isn’t to learn everything, it’s really to learn what makes you most productive. For example, learning modeling concepts in 3DS Max means you’ll be able to model in any app as long as you learn the new set of hot key and where all the menu items are. Skills are skills, and they don’t live or die in a specific app.

I might be interested in what project management tools Epic Games uses? Atlassian Products such as Confluence and Jira? I love these two :slight_smile: