What "tools" does the introduction to programming refer?

in Introduction to C++ Programming in UE4 | Unreal Engine Documentation you can search for this

What tools **exactly? **how I “right click and select generate native event”???.. I mean I know I can only generate the default class with name and parent class and some default functions there… but no extra parameters or functions definition in the “class wizard”…

So… well in the next paragraph

But Im sure that that place for “tools” was not the first place that got a mention to the “tools” but probably is the only one declaring that they where prior 4.8… please fix it :stuck_out_tongue: (or update “the tools”).

And as a suguestion, I will not use the term “the tools” if Im refering to the “class wizard editor funcitonality”… because it reads like a set of separated tools that is not the editor.