What tools do you use

Hi, I am interested in knowing what tools are used by the community to develop games/mods for Unreal Engine; I am mostly interested on the programming side of things, such has what tools you use for writing code, which tools you use to compile and so on.

This is mainly personal interest, a fight about which tools are better or worse is not what I am after; I see to know what’s mostly used and how they work. Since this is related to programming I’d figure this wouldn’t be off-topic here, if it is please notify me and I’ll go through the steps of moving the thread.

im a late comer to programing,but ive always used context for writing code and udk does the compiling.

Hey 100Ping long time :smiley:

UnCodeX NotePad++ WinMerge and Windows Notepad.

UnCodeX of course for inheritances and structure. It’s an essential. Also I have problems with syntax so I’m constantly using NotePad++ to search for similar constructions. Definite essential. Winmerge for file comparisons, occasionally. Win Notepad I write the code.

Visual Studio is my favorite IDE, I use the Community Edition which is free.

The most important tool I use is Source Control. Currently personal projects I put on GitHub, Unfuddle I’m using for the game in my signature, previously used Digital Ocean for hosting virtual servers with Perforce and also Assembla years ago.

For issue tracking currently am using Unfuddle, Trello and Jira are the other two I’ve used.

Google Docs for Game Design Docs and Spread Sheets

Mega.nz for large file transfer, I don’t like Dropbox.

Windows Stickies for daily tasks