What to use for large scale multiplayer?

I am trying to develop a game where thousands of players can play on the same server at the same time. Now i would like the whole thing to be crossplatform. And also want to store ALL data (like inventoy, level, achievements etc.) in some sort of Database. I have seen that EOS has the Player Data Storage as an option, but that has a limitation of 1000 read or writes per minute. I kinda wanna stay with EOS for all the multiplayer and crossplay integrations, but i would like to use some other storage type for these massive amounts of players.

What is the optimal approach to handle these large scale? what can you recommend?

SQL is generally your best option for large data storage. If you’re code oriented then SQL as a language is pretty easy to pick up.

If you’re not code oriented, You can still try to write your data with blueprints to a text file using (I’m pretty sure) Rama’s Victory Plug-in:

Try to match a file format like JSON or CSV, it’ll help to future proof your data if you decide to migrate your storage solution into SQL later; also it’ll be easier for others to read when either asking for help or expanding your team.

I’ve tried writing my own data storage solutions with just blueprints text parsing nodes, long before I knew any real programming, and it’s a real nightmare later when you don’t match a pre-existing standard.

Some pretty useful results just 1st page of google when searching for ue4 sql blueprints