What to put in GameMode and What in GameState

Hi. I have started to try to figure out how to ogrinise a somewhat “big” (for me) atleast project
And in all documentation i have read so far about gamemode and gamestate classes, I get confused on what kind of data belongs to each place.

  • For Example if i have a value ‘m_anim_multipler’ that determines the speed of animated objects, and events. So pretty much lots of actor will acquire this value. But its kinda part of ‘the game rules’ and will be changed a lot.
  • And a value that gets the game_time( in game one, not one for the whole level) that ill be changed on every frame by a certain multiplier both positive and negative.

So to sum up, in case i have gone to overboard - what kind of data and functions are good to be kept and the GameMode and which one in the GameState