What to put in blueprint when there is no overlap?

I’m wondering what I could put in place of the ‘get overlapping actors’ node in the case that there is no overlap.

A boxcollision will change the ‘overlap high box’ interger, so when the interger is 0 there is no overlap. That should change the ‘set text value’, but I don’t know what to put between that. The blueprint won’t work if I just connect the ‘branch’ directly to the ‘set text value’. Does anyone know what to do here?

Hi man,
When your get overlapping actors release the array , if there is no overlapping, the array will be empty.
There wil be 0 items.
So the foreachloop , in the loopbody , will do nothing at all .

You can :
connect the “completed” pin to the set text (This will work even with no item in the array)
You can delete the whole thing and just set the text value after the IF overlap high box == 0. (You are doing nothing anyway XD )