What to include in Source control from source engine ( harddrive is filling up fast)

Hey all, recently moved over to the source engine and have been trying to get my audio designer up and running through perforce. Its a been a bit of a slog and I’m kinda flying blind. I pretty much just put everything from the engine and the project into source, but something is telling me that’s not right…

When working with source unreal are there any folders we don’t need to be sharing?

Also my engine install is getting really big 160g right now, so wondering if its making new files and not cleaning up old ones because of perforce.

Thanks for any help here!

There’s plenty of relevant information on this topic in the documentation. In general I’d really recommend giving the documentation a deep dive (i.e. read all of it and take notes) before starting to work with UE4. It will save you a lot of time in the long run.

For project specific files read this:

For a customized build of UE4 read this:


Bah! sorry should have look through the Documentation better.

Thanks for the links