What To Do?

Hello fellow game devs I am seeking some answers to a somewhat simple question. Now I always thought that when a dev was going to work on a new game to publish he/she should keep some aspects secret infill time to release then he/she can give out needed information pertaining to the game to the public as a marketing tactic. However I had a discussion with other game devs who stated that my way was somewhat not right and the only reason I had such thoughts was due to me being a smaller indie dev who was afraid of having my idea stolen.

Therefore I would honestly like to know if my way was right or were the other devs correct. If I were to start working on a new game and give out information about it online via social media would I be risking my idea being stolen and it being made faster and better by another developer or team of developers. Am…Am I paranoid???

Don’t give out any information when you’re right at the start. Always aim to be 50 steps ahead of everyone else and when you’ll be 10 steps ahead, you’ll already be so far away from any potential “thieves” that they’ll be discouraged to even try to steal it. The further you are, the more discouraged they will be.

I like this answer a lot.

agreed… I don’t have to make a living anymore so I can share without caring… but if you have to make a living, well that is different… way back stev jobs and bill gates worked together, bill asked if he was going to copyright it and stev said no, free for all… bill on the other hand copyrighted and created Microsoft and stev went into the phone business… and as they say, the rest is history… give back when the time feels right, you have a right to protect your intellectual property…

Honestly I think I will post enough information so that the audience can get a basic idea of what im working on along with screenshots, videos, and maybe a demo.