what to do in cpp and what to do in bp?

Hello l&g

i came from unity c# i have coded everithing since there is no visual scripting, so im a bit confused when i need to split my game logic, i reaaly dont want to touch bp much, in deep, i like to code…

what are those things that are recommended to do in blue prints, an example?


Everything in C++, but expose that C++ components via Blueprints. Variables, settings etc as parameters in Blueprints. Blueprints should be used as glue. At the start of your project you can use Blueprints as rapid prototyping. After the prototyping phase you can rewrite those blueprint code in C++. This can be done as time progresses. After a piece of blueprint code is considered final, it can be converted to C++.

Also consider using Blueprint nativization.

UE4 comes with a really good set of tools built-in and that can be accessed by blueprints, so those tools were made with a goal to reduce the coding behind in C++ and offer artists a way to do things they can’t, because basically they can’t code or have a hard time doing it.

So, if you start checking on the tool set, I would definitely recommend BPs everything related to animation and besides the AI portion is quite good in the built in tool, the more complex your AI the more I would use C++ instead if performance is an issue and also if we are dealing with Multiplayer.

If you came from Unity very recently and still need to learn quite a bit from the framework in C++ UE4 has, basically you will do the appropriate decisions once you start to get experience with. You need to make this a decision based on what you are trying to accomplish with the engine… if you are going for just developing a game is one approach (not many things exposed is less work), if you are going to developing tools for others, then there is another approach (you need to expose more things, so more work).

that was a good introduction thanks both…

For instance, a simple exercise, on Unity I wrote Input movements, door mechanism and detect triggers, play animations via code…

I´m looking to do the same I made on Unity, all via code, but animation using blueprints… lets say, I create a blueprint of a door mesh, I visually create the animation and then want to play that animation via code with something like if I could write myMesh->PlayAnimation(“openDoor”);

it is possible?
Thanks again…