What to do if your hard drive may be failing?

So possible hard drive failure. Not fun. I backed up all important files to Drive, DB, and a flash drive. Essentially I got BSOD twice in one day, boot time went from 30 seconds to 20 minutes, and file explorer is slow as hell. Currently I’m running dskchk and am curious as to how long it should take. I have a 2tb hard drive that has about 1.4tb on it. It completed 15% of the check in 30 minutes, made it to 16% 2 hours later, and now it has been on 16% for 4 hours. So is hope already lost or am i just impatient? Idk what to do at this point, I swear I’m not making progress. If your curious as to my specs, i7 quad core 3.4ghz, 16gb ddr3, gtx 770 2gb.

Use the hard drive check utility to see your disc health. It’s free and virus free.

Well if you’ve already backed up, buy a new drive. If your old drive is under warranty, get a replacement instead. Yes disk check can take a while, but assuming you ran with something like /f it will be repairing what it can as well. A defrag could also help. Keep in mind you could have installed some **** that’s trying to run on boot as well. Or you’ve gotten infected. Or Windows is performing maintenance (e.g. updates). You could run resmon.exe and click on the disk tab for a better idea of what’s using your HDD (assuming you are not running disk check or defrag at the time!).

Out of experience, if you think your HDD is failing just get a new one, and if you could fix your current HDD then use it as a secondary and yet don’t keep critical data on it.
Just a few months ago I paid a ton to recover my data from a Caviar Black HDD which had no reason to fail, but failed. So it’s better to buy a new one instead of paying for recovery at some time.

Boot with a Dos disk and run Chkdsk. That is the better way of going about these things. If not try moving all the files if possible to a new hard drive and Do a reapair install of Windows. (Assuming you are using Windows.)

I always have two internal,and one external for back up reasons all my unreal stuff is on both.

If your hard drive is failing then you will need a new hard drive. Ours just recently crashed but there was no warning and now we’re unsure of how to get our important data. I think you may be able to purchase a hard drive for around $100. Be sure to backup your data on a regular basis.

Coming from someone who just lost two disks, don’t wait around to see if it survives. Back up everything you hold dear NOW, and then stop using the disk. Don’t boot it, don’t write to it, don’t touch the **** thing.

Then, get a Linux bootable USB. Ubuntu Rescue or plain Ubuntu works very well. Using that, run a couple of disk checks such as badblocks, fsck and smartctl. If anything is in the red, either use it for things you can live without or as a high-tech coaster. If the disk checks out after thorough checking (it could conceivably take a few days, considering the size of your disk), reinstall your operating system.