What to do for using multiple lights within class Blueprint?

Hey Folks,

i have a question for my following task:

I have different Rooms with a different count of spotlights “hanging” in each of the rooms. I have a lightswitch Mesh placed in each room to turn the specific spotlights on.

What i can do right now (i am new to this): I want to use the switch to turn the lights on in each room. So i could place each rooms spotlights and a switch+trigger in a class blueprint and handle my event in there. So i would create a calss bluprint for each room.

This “solution” seems bogous to me since i dont have a very good control of the positioning of the lights and switch.

Putting everything in the level blueprint seems very bad too.

So how can i create a lightswitch class to communicate with various lights which can still be positioned in the viewport?

Any ideas?

The lightswitch class can hold a expose variable array of lights, so you put a lightswitch class in the level and link any light that you want. The lightswitch class can run-through the array any time you want.

I tried to set up an array. I created a blueprint containing the spotlight and one to with the switch. If i create a variable, type “Actor” with array it will not show any lights placed in the level. Here is a pic of it… 1.jpg

Click the eye to expose the variable, and put the lights that you wanna use in the level.