What to do first? (level design, character design, ect)

I am trying to make a 3d fighting game but am having some fairly major problems.
So far I have completed the health bar and am working on a stamina bar.

I am running into some big problems… What should I do first?
I am trying to create models in blender and animate them (I figured I should do this first because then I can import them into the game right away)
I am trying to get hit detection to work with the basic character (I figured I should do this second because then I can just add the animations and get onto the more techinical stuff)
And im trying to make the levels/start up screen/character select , If I do this first then I can have it load-out correctly!
Finally im trying to figure out the combat system…

It is simply too much to do at once. I have little to no 3d game making experience and am feeling kinda overwhelmed.

thanks for the help!

Hello :0)

1st of all , have fun , its something that can be forgotten and life passes by it regardless.

I would finish and complete the main charactor 1st he has star role and important to not be rusted or not done to perfection.
This included animations ,bones, hud , stamin, health, even weapons, effects etc anything connect5ed to main charactor.

Then after main star is complete , take a pat on the back and grin :0)
Then focus levels design and startup screens stuff as you call it.

Break the tasks into goals.

Complete the main actor but even this can be broken down into mini goals
3d model , texture 3d model , weapon , weapon textures, biped bones for all , import all, setup all, see where im going with this :0)
Breathe write a list of task goals tell your self you WILL be ADDING to the list but always complete the task before moving onward.

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Go slow , set reasonable / achieve-able tasks and goals , break bigger tasks into part tasks, Double Check then move on.

Hope it helps

If you get time try answering my question its my 1st :0)

Best regards

I agree with O_Wolfpac. Concentrate on getting your character into the game. Set up an idle and a move animation and set up the input handling so you can move him around. That’s a really big step because it’s the first time you can interact with your character. It’s not much of a game at that point, but it’s interactive!

Personally, I would then focus on getting the fundamental gameplay implemented. In a fighting game that means you have two characters (that can still use the same model), health, and some kind of basic hit detection to decrease the hit character’s health. A special punch animation is optional at this point. Health bars can be helpful, though.

I’m a programmer myself, so I wouldn’t bother with different fighting stances/animations, level design or any kind of menu until the basic system works. HOWEVER, you’re the one developing the game. It’s your game and if you’re having fun creating animations, levels or UI, and that’s what keeps you motivated, by all means keep doing so. I just wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of time perfecting the details until you can actually try them out in-game while actually playing your game.

Thanks a ton!
I was stuck at first but that makes total sense.

Fighting games are strange because there isn’t always a “main character” (thankfully my game does have a main)
I now just need to finish up my sketches then make the dude in blender!

Ill finish doing that before I even try to program him in unity!