What the *#%!@ is going on w/ editor in Mac - stays in foreground?

I’m trying to use the Unreal editor on a Mac, and it won’t let me use any other program, like Safari for instance. Unreal keeps bringing itself to the foreground, so that every time you select another window, like a browser window, it immediately becomes deselected. This makes it impossible to use any other programs while using Unreal. So I can’t switch to XCode, I can’t look anything up online. Is this a known problem? I don’t see any other topics here about it. If it is just something I have done, can anyone tell me how to fix it? It is crazy annoying!

I am not having that issue here, MBP, macOS 10.14.4. I am actually typing this in Safari with UE open but in the background. I haven’t had to do this, but can you not cmd+H to hide UE when you need to switch apps?

Did you figure out a fix? This keeps happening to me as I am trying to learn UE4… I don’t know what the f is going on but it is quite the bug.

I’m having the same issue on a Mac running Catalina 10.15.7 and UE4 version 4.25.4. It seems that when I open any type of new window this foreground issue occurs and I have to totally exit UE4 and reopen it again. A mate suggested having new windows open as tabs (preferences) but this doesn’t solve the bug issue.

Currently happening to me on Big Sur 11.1

Spent days reading and watching about unreal only to have this happen on first opening, completely stopping me from doing literally anything else at the same time, like tutorials or Blender.

Still having the same problem on Mac.

Clean compiled from github source in XCode.
Mac OS Big Sur 11.5.2
Unreal Engine Editor 4.27.1

Anyone find a solution?

Umm yea what the heck is going on… anyone figure this out?

In UE5, the editor will not ever close and I have to reboot each time I want to use it.

Macbook M1 Air - MacOS 12.0.1

has anyone been able to resolved this? Really annoying bug.

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Also happening to me M1Max MacOS 12.3.1 - sometimes if I make some other programme window full screen then exit full screen it fixes it, but too difficult to work smoothly with. Would really like a permanent fix asap

Since this thread seems to quiet for nearly a year now I wonder if someone found a solution to that problem. I’m facing the same foreground issue and it actually started while using the Bridge Plugin. UE 5.2, M2pro, macOS Ventura

I had to move to Windows for Quixel Bridge work. I don’t even start it on Mac.

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This is still relevant with 5.3 compiled on a Silicon M2 Max