What the hell? Spam everywhere?

Hello guys,
I got up this morning and found 52345 pages full of spam… lol?

Suggestion: You guys must have different timezone moderators…

I’m a Webmaster, good in both html and css + a bit of php and I can tell with my different experience in spambots… you guys must have captcha’s in every new thread… so spam bots cannot go through…

Tip: try to block the ip’s of the current bots… and mass delete them by user


These are not spambots. These are actual people creating these threads. So a captcha is not going to help. Banning IPs is also not practical because of the dynamic IP allocation used by many ISPs. But we are aware of the issue and is doing everything we can to quickly clear out spams and bann the user accounts. A new system to block spams is also in works.

Closing this thread as we have multiple threads discussing this same subject. Epic is aware of this and they are doing their best to get rid of this issue. Till then we mods are active around here to clear out the mess made by the “love” spammers. :wink: