What the Heck!? Recent Update is Causing Placement Issues

After the recent Patch (v257) I have begun to have issues placing objects on my modded structures. The objects float above the structure. I also float above the structure when walking on it. The really weird thing is it only affects the children of the base structure set and not the base structures themselves. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this? Its almost as if the collision mesh for the static mesh isn’t being placed the same as the rest of the object. But why do the parent structures work just fine?
Very confused…
(I have pictures but for some reason the Forum is not letting me upload my images…)

I have some barrels that I was able to place prior to 257.2. After that they would no longer place and display the “Obstructed” error message. Not sure if it was 257.3 or .4 that broke it but it was working when it was 257.2 so something definitely changed in one of the last patches yesterday.
I fixed mine by reducing the trace scale on placement.