what the good job in america (for game developer ) ???

hi (sorry for my english )
i am a game developer and i live in asia i work with many software for game and i like create model and texture , game scripting , level designe and etc … i want to know what good job for game in USA ?
1- 3d artist
2- 2d artist
3- c++ programer
4- level design
5- game design
and …

As in getting through the door any job in games development would be a good start and even a PA or intern position would be a good gig.

Of the ones you listed,coming from a content creator, C++ programer would be top of my list followed by concept artist followed by a content artist who generalizes in all aspects of visual content.

Most top content creators do not limit their skill sets to just one area and in some cases a single individual has been know to cover more than one need.

I don’t have any idea if there is a job vacancies in USA. If you really need a job, you can browse here in,Seeker & Job Seekers Thanks!

As for me, c++ programer will be an ideal choice from this list, of course, if you can find this position with a suitable compensation.

Any job really–but realize it’s not a simple matter to get a job in the U.S./Canada if you are international. You would have to have some very good skills for a business to sponsor you or you would need a university degree to get a visa.

Start with the English language first.

With the move of many game development tools going visual programming, Construct, Unity, UE4, to name a few, is pure programming job still as high in demand, in the long run. not knocking programmers, but a genuine question.

Maybe traditional programming skills can be convert to making visual programming as the underlining logic are similar?

If you asked me, unless the pay range and prospect differ by a wide margin, I would rather pick a field I love, then going to the field that is most popular. But then again, going to a speciality that is higher in demand means you have a better time finding jobs.

But I can only speak for myself.

Biggest problem with game industry is not getting job, but keeping it after game is finished. Try to get loan for house when you are not sure if you will have work next year.
Also getting 200k per year when you have year long unpaid break between projects lowers that average salary to 100-150k, it is even worse because when you get money you just spend it. So on average with 200k and some breaks you are living like with some stable job that pay 100k. And Game industry does not have good salaries for entry level, because everybody want to make games and nobody want to work for bank.

Because all of that i would aim for programming, you can always get job with something else than games. Now try to get another (non games related) job as game artist when you get kids, need house (loans) and more stability.

Game art and content creation is cool profession to do, but I rather do it as hobby and make money as programmer than other way around.

Start a new game company with a great name .