What the C++ people would like to say to the Blueprint people?

With Blueprints looking so much like real programming, we are bound to hit problems that C++ coders had already solved ages ago. If you could teach a thing or two about programming, what would that be?

Being only one or the other is shortsighted.
It’s not either or, it’s both and that is ok.
Programming is hard.
The more something helps you, the harder it is to debug.
Everybody has a favorite way of doing something, doesn’t make it the best way for every situation and that is ok.

If you find yourself having to type long comments in order for the code to make any sense make more meaningful functions instead.

Don’t do overly defensive programming. An error or a crash is valuable information for a programmer.

Don’t do spaghetti code.

Maintain a straight execution line whenever possible and use rerouters.