What technique can I use to remove texture-repeating?


I’m creating my material for my landscape and I have a problem regarding my texture…


As you can see, my texture repeats itself and it’s very ugly.

Do you have any idea or method to remove that ugly repeat effect?
Note that the texture scale is actually good, it’s just that he camera is pretty high from the ground.



You cannot eliminate it completely, but you can certainly mask it. Make sure your texture is tileable, and consider adding some"objects" in it, that are half on up, and half on downside of the texture, so they form a complete ie. rock when the textures repeat, decreasing the visibility of them being tiled. other way is EXTREME resolution, but even with it having tileable textures is a extremely good idea, and separated objects, while they force you to hide edges of the surface, will make tiling less obvious.

Hope this helps, -DoctorPC

An effective way to reduce visible tiling is to use procedural noise as a mask and either a second tiled texture (should be rather close in appearance to the first one) or modify your existing one (hue shift, xy offset, etc)

I made a visual to help explain. In it I have 2 tiled texture, you then use a procedural noise as a mask. Since the noise is procedural it will never tile.

…how do you generate procedural noise… Because that sounds really interesting :open_mouth:

Look at the material “M_Ground_Grass” from the starter content, it is what you are looking for.

I’m still wrapping my head around the UE4 material editor, the example above I did in blender, but the concept is the same so it should work in UE4.

In the material editor right click and add a noise node.

There’s a filter in photoshop that allows you to make noise. That black and white mask above is filter clouds in photoshop.
This is exactly how you make it. Open up photoshop. Create a new document. Then on the top bar, Filter - Render - Difference Clouds
It creates a seamless tileable noise mask for you to throw into Unreal.

+1 Procedural noise. that’s what i looked for.