What target could I set ?

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I’m trying to get the variable of type ( Static Mesh ), but I don’t know What target I need it. What target do I need use in that?

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First of all, this is something that you do not want to do in Tick - you’ll be adding a component every tick
There’s no need to SetStaticMesh. Select AddStaticMeshComponent node and look at its details panel, you can set mesh there from a dropdown.

Hi, Everyone, so I need that tick event read the static mesh variable and set it on my AddStaticMesh Component and I need the Static Mesh Variable because I set variable and choose the static mesh type in other screen and widget. What target I need?

This is how you’d do it normally.


If you need to add it dynamically, you can set up a CustomEvent and feed the component with some mesh:

First off you very likely do not need to set your mesh every tick. Make an event or something so you can set the mesh when a new one is selected.

Secondly, you’ll probably only need the one component. Just save that reference (promote to variable) so you can change the mesh it uses.

Lastly, your target needs to be a reference to that other widget. When you add the widget to the screen, save the reference.

Edit: provided a better answer with images.

it was great, so I need a new doubt about that subject. My ( Static Mesh Name ) is getting from a JSON file, so I need to get ( String Variable ) value and set the ( Set Static Mesh Component ). What is the best way make it ?

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You could take advantage of the new feature in 4.15 - Map:

Hi, everyone, ok, but My static mesh is located in an external folder on my computer. example: ( C:\Users\Computer\Documents\MyProject\Content\Shapes\cube.uasset ) I need set it on ( Add New Mesh Component ) I think that answer is very important to all unreal community.

if you need something to help me. Let me know about it.

Does not look external to me. Are you saying that MyProject is not your current project and you are trying to fetch assets from someplace else - how is that supposed to work for the end user?

Hi Everynone, It’s to me. How could I get the external static mesh and set ( Static Mesh component )? I am a student.

In this case have a look at Rama’s Victory plugin - he whipped up something magical called LoadObjectFromPath (or similar)

Hi, Everynone. I google the LoadObjectFromPath but I can’t find it. Do you have the Developer Website to that plugin?

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If I understand correctly, you’re just trying to get a model from your computer into your project, yes? If so, can you not drag and drop the model into a folder in your content browser and add it to the project to use it? Do you NEED to get it externally instead of importing it to the project?

Hi, Pinworm. Yes, I need to get it externally. Do you know some way ?

Thread + post: (39) 's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required! - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums
Plugin: https://wiki.unrealengine.com/File:VictoryPlugin.zip

Untested. Hope you can get it to work.

Hi, Everynone. This plugin is awesome. I’ll try to get with that Rama’s component. And I post the result, ok


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I’m trying to rebuild the VictoryPlugin, but I have a problem. Look it

Download VictoryPlugin files :

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The version you’re looking at is most likely outdated, seems to be 3 weeks old. Check this post:

That should work, but it doesn’t work. Why ?

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