What symbols do I need to not make the game crash

When Im trying to get the game on the mac it says that i need symbols to get the game to not crash where do I get these symbols

Please be more precise with your question and any related screenshot would help to answer your question.

I believe you might be thinking of debugging symbols. These don’t prevent crashes - the simply help you by showing which code is causing the crash

There are a same problem since few months, everybodys talk about “debugging symbol” but NOBODY give a good answer…


Debugging symbols are needed to display the crash correctly, they will not prevent a crash from occurring.

@JORDI4411: It seems that you are attempting to play a game made with UE4, rather than using the editor. If you are having issues with your game crashing, please visit the appropriate support center for that game, such as the following:

Paragon: http://paragonhelp.epicgames.com/
Fortnite: http://fortnitehelp.epicgames.com/

The UE4 Answerhub is for assistance with the editor itself, we are not able to provide support related to our games here.

@ScarDams: If you are using the Editor and need to have the debugging symbols installed, please open your “Library” tab of the launcher and then select the dropdown arrow next to the engine version you are using. Select “Options” and then there should be an option to install the Editor Symbols for Debugging.