What standards/guide should I follow for car suspension rigging?

So for my gamejam game I’m going to need vehicles with suspension and the suspension (A-arms and shocks will be showing sometimes) working however I realize its done by driving bone locations somehow in the animBP graph.

What bones do I need and to what meshes would they be weighted on for making a car from scratch for use with/alongside unreals advanced vehicle template?

I’m really lost since I cant export the vehicle templates or the desert racing buggy into Blender to see how the rig is set up and weighted so I need to know where to start.
The tires/wheels I should be able to fake by attaching to sockets at the end of the suspension bones and rotating with bp nodes based on rpm/gear.

Much thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

I am using Blender but have access to Maya if its required or will save me time overall I have done basic auto-skinning in the past with Maya.

Edit: I was never aware of this page
It explains everything perfectly. Does anyone have any advice on making things easier/cooler/better from any standpoint especially the using Blender standpoint?