What specific benefits does Paper2D give exactly?

The reason I ask is because I plan on porting a 2D game I built in python and pygame, but I will likely be keeping the 3D space for some neat visual effects that might even enhance gameplay. . . but what exactly does Paper2D do to speed up production of a 2D game?

I’m extremely new to UE4, but i’m loving it so far, so please excuse me if I sound a bit ignorant.

Paper 2d lets you make games using only textures. It allows you to animate sprites and so forth but without the need for any models.

Ah, okay, that’s really useful. Thank you.

Just to add to this, in 4.4 we have simple 2D constraints so that you can easily constrain a 3D physics object in a 2D plane. I’m mentioning this since you said you have some 3D stuff for effects so this may be useful.

I’m working on a 2D Commercial Project via UE4 and Paper 2D shortly is the plugin who handle Texture and Sprite animation rendering and usage…, believe me Unreal Engine 4 is just an Amazing & Powerfull Tools even if you intend to do a 2D Games, and things become more and more interesting with time with the new version 4.4 is coming soon with Replication out of the box support etc…