What spawns the initial CameraActor and how to change it's FOV?

I want to change the initial FOV of the camera in my game, it seems like a basic thing to do.

However I can’t find where the CameraActor is spawned from, although it appears in game when I’ve pressed play. A PlayerCameraManager seems to appear from nowhere, as does a CameraActor. Where are these variables spawned from?

This is from a blank map with a GameMode taken from the test scenes.

C++ code ofcorse, with blueprints you extending C++ classes, you can change thar in default varables of GameMode, there should be DefaultClassPawn. CameraActor is not really importent because all CameraActor is empty actor with CameraComponent, any actor can have one and function as camera by setting view target kn player component. CameraComponent is what has FOV varable

So the way to change camera fov is wait fir the camera actor to be spawned in the world then update it? There is no default somewhere?

The CameraActor you see spawned on play is a “temporary” camera that belongs to the PlayerController’s PlayerCameraManager. That specific camera actor is used internally by the PlayerCameraManager for various camera animation computations. It should be ignored.

If you take a look in the details panel of the PlayerCameraManager object, there is a FOV attribute that can be manipulated via blueprint or c++.