What Source Control do you use?

So been looking at difrent Source COntrol solutions.
VisualSVN, TortoiseSVN, and Subversion

What do you recommend for use with UE 4?
So a team can keep everything in sync with looking functionality. (Check In, Check Out)
Both Assets and source code.

Thanks for any tips.

perforce is already well integrated witht he engine, i say give that a try

also i believe VisualSVN, TortoiseSVN, and Subversion are all just SVN in general

Im using Perforce too, it’s used by many big companies in the industry and indies or small teams can use it for free :slight_smile:

Perforce and SVN for projects, GIT when working on UE4 engine.

Thanks for the replays I have been looking at host providers.
And am looking to buy Enterprise Small Plan on Pricing Plans - Enterprise grade Subversion, Git, Mercurial & Trac Hosting
Do anyone have any experience with them from what I have found its what’s seem to give you, the most bang for the buck.


All of them are SVN clients, just choose which UI you like the most. Personally I’m using SmartSVN client and VisualSVN server to work on my UE projects.

I prefer to have a hosting provider so I don’t have to manage the server.
I will use Subversion since it seems to work well with the UE Editor as well.

If you have any hosting providers to recommend I happy to check them out.
Preferably: 20+ Users, 40 GB+, about 50$ month.