What sort of Variable is this

ok i’m trying to follow a so called Horde/wave gametype which the guy posted at super-speed play back ( ) , i’m trying to find out what sort of variable this is and how can i make it

it looks like a “struct” var but i can’t find it at all, i’ve tied to contact the author but no joy, any help would be most great full

It is a struct named SpawnStruct created in the content browser by the author. So you need to create a struct and then search for it in the variable type list.

thanks for the answer Jacky , looks like i’ve wasted my time again, i just hate it when people post tutorials with half the stuff missing :frowning:

You will need to figure out what the actual structure of the struct is though, if he has missed that part out in the tutorial then you are going to have more problems.

One more note: Looks like it is an array of structures, not just a structure. From the “default value,” it looks like the structures are the attributes from which actors will be derived.