What software to use when creating characters/vehicles/weapons?

I am starting work on my first project and I need some tips on what programs to choose for creating new assets.

You should probably start with Blender since it’s free

Yea as above he says, but with Blender will take you some time to learn cause his philosophy is quite atypical, try this : BornCG, Otherwise if you have money simply buy the offer by Lightwave : Lightwave 2015

Hope that help you.

you can always sign up for an Autodesk student account (i dont think you need a .edu)
and you will have access to 3ds max, maya, mudbox and every other program Autodesk makes for free.
Although if you are aiming to make money off of it then you can not use the student edition of these programs
But i hope that helps :smiley:

  1. Blender, 2. Maya, 3. Modo, 4. Max (so skip Max if possible…)
    Max is an industry standard and its a little easier than Maya to start out with imo.
    But there’s no light version and that will count later on budget wise…
    Modo is supposed to be excellent, but there are many more tutorials for Maya.
    Overall Modo and Maya LT (lite version) will hit your wallet about the same…
    Either way, the pipeline from 3D app to UE4 is quite clear for these 4 options.

Actually you can get MARI indie 3.0 + MODO indie 901 Bundle from steam for £289.99 as a permanent licenses, while from what I can see, Maya LT is £222.00 for a year subscription.

MARI indie 3.0 + MODO indie 901 Bundle: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/91036/

Maya LT: Maya LT Software | Get Prices & Buy Official Maya LT 2020

Indeed. As it is discussed here also …

Hah :D… Just posted something similar in th other thread :slight_smile:

Keep in Mind Epic provides you with some tools for UE for Maya, and also that you can get Modo for $10 or so a month. For creating non-animated assets Modo is king imho, if rigging+animation is needed Maya might have a leg up (again, imo, and I haven’t used Epic’s tools in Maya yet but would imagine they’re useful).

If you ever want to get hired by a studio Maya might be the best option as it’s widely used. I rarely hear of studios using Blender but it does happen.

Have fun!

A good option


Very Maya like and with a Platinum account you can buy it for $65