What software is recommended for 3D modeling?

Hi everyone, my name is jSoftApps, and I’m a programmer, but pretty new to game design. I was wondering what 3D modeling software is recommended for UE4. Could I get it to work with Blender? If not, what should i be using?

Just use blender -> it’s free and you can nearly do everything that you can do with 3d max or maya
But it always depends on how much money you want to spend ^^

Btw, next time please use the search function in this forum, because this question was asked many times before :wink:

I would recommend 3ds max, so far i know it is also the most common application in the industry. Just download the free trial version from Autodesk and build your own opinion.
And if you are new to 3d modeling you will find easy tones of free and also commercial tutorials “for 3ds Max”…

Yup this question have been asked so many times (and not just in this forum, all over the web since forever) but it simply comes down to this… no matter what anyone recommends, the best thing is to try and decide for yourself.
Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, whatever… there are pros and cons for each one of them.

For example…
Are you on a Budget? Blender is free.
Do you care about animations? Maya has a character animation/rigging tool that can make things easier.
New to 3D? 3ds max is slightly easier to jump into, has more plugins etc. etc.

Google it and you will find countless arguments between all these applications.