What software do you use for making game installer?

Hi, I am not sure if to use Inno Setup or WiX to make a game installer. I am looking for something free but good quality also. Any of this software deal with necessary nvidia directx needed for the game or do I need to do add this manually ? Any other things that I need to include besides the files in the packaged folder WindowsNoEditor ? I plan to make dlcs for my game so I need something to update the game easy. Do I need an installer if I plan to publish on steam or epic store ?

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No, stores handle installation for you, they work like packaging systems, one of the reasons why Steam games on Linux install well regardless of distribution (but there dependency issues, but it should not be problem on Windows).

Installer is only needed if you put download outside of those, where people can download it and install… but it optional, point of installer is to extract packaged game easily for newbie users and register software to windows registry. Just ziping and distributing is enough, UE4 don’t require any registry entries to work only depencies which also could come with you zip, all #ue4jam entries are submitted ziped and they work. Ofcorse your user will need to know how to unpack it… and this is exactly why installer was made in first place ;] So it’s up to you

But installer is actually needed if you plan to distribute game on optical disc or any other non-writable medium as you need to move data out of it to writable medium

Whatever once you use is also up to you, you will to setup your installer in the way it runs dependency installations which most installers have function to do so, but probably you need to configure them that way.

I don’t know how Steam handles dependencies, but i bet it’s tied to packing system it has, there no info on techincial aspects of Epic Store as it was yet to be more widely open to developers

ForWin64, I like InnoDB so far. When you package the game from UE4 I think there’s an option in the Project Settings for whether to include the Prerequisites Installer (which is not the same thing, but I think automatically gets DX and VB Runtime components for the user when they try to run the game the first time).

Thankyou very much

Thankyou very much

But UE4 dont need VB runtime… and there no VB runtime since .NET

Sorry I meant VS runtime, but I guess .NET replaces that?