What should I start with when making games

When I’m going to make a game in Unreal Engine or any other engine i use, where should i start?
Should i start making graphics first or should i immediately code my game? I really have a strong passion in making games but i don’t know where i should start.

Thank you =)

Start with learning projects; small things, don’t try to start making a full game off the bat right now.

Its important to be clear about the type of game you want to make versus what’s doable etc.
But its also not really necessary to start simple if you’ll just end-up getting bored and may quit.
So do a self-realization check now, to ensure you have the level of commitment that’s needed.

Example: if you commit 2-5 years to this exclusively outside of work etc then you will progress.
Just be aware that anything with networking or multiplayer or super-advanced AI is a big ask!
Along with run-time changes to terrain, infinitely large worlds, or your own personal MMO etc.

Ohhh… okay thanks :slight_smile: really appreciated it…
So based on your replies, i should start small and must wait patiently or else it would be really difficult for me…

I understand