What should I search to learn to stick a thrown mesh to a wall?

Hi Everyone,

I have been able to pick up and throw things with the ‘Pickup Actor Interface’ in VR.

Now I’d like to have those thrown things stick to another mesh when hitting a trigger box.

All my keyword searches around ‘snapping objects’ etc, return threads with people asking about the editor and level design, not in game sticking.

Any suggestions for keywords to look for?

Thanks very much.

Hey. I am not sure but I would have a collisionbox around the mesh and when something overlaps (OnComponentBeginOverlap) you break the sweep result and in that tree with different values you should have Location and Hit Location. Use those vectors and set your thrown mesh to not simulate physics anymore and set world location to that “hit” location.

Hey Muntrax,

A lot of what you’re saying is new to me, so it’s very helpful.

Really appreciate it – Much thanks!