What should I research in order to convert an existing software into a game?

Hi all, I have developed a software for algorithmic trading and I would like to convert it into a 3D online-multi-player game.

I need my software backend to continue running as of today, but I would like to replace the frontend with a game like experience, allowing online players to interact with the game level and based on those interactions:

  1. Execute actions at my backend (via websockets or http)
  2. Send to the backend contextual information relative of the game level.
  3. Based on backend responses, modify the game level adding or modifying in general the level itself.

I am new to Unreal Engine, I guess this is possible, but before diving deeper into the software I would like to have directions on what to read / research, to see how this would be implemented. Any direct answer on how to implement this would be highly appreciated.


Doesn’t sound like the best idea to use http.

Depends on what the end goal is, how secure it needs to be, and most importantly the latency of the requests -Unless it’s one way, in that case I supposenit won’t matter as the game wouldn’t need to wait on an answer to come back to it.

The proper way to do things would be implementing a small scale restful api with key locked access.

For the game you’ll need to run some variation of OpenSSL and a system to create post requests over a secure connection.

Where the art would lie is in creating a system to generate random keys that cannot be hijacked by the first script kiddy that ops open some form of debug tool or packet sniffer.
Client side authentication would probably be the best work around for that.

As far as pushing actions, once you have the modules in place you can script an unreal class to include those bits from a separate dll - (and yes, you should extrude the two things and make unreal be forced to have a published dll / don’t forget to get it to package as well to handle the api calls).

Anwyay, that should get you enough stugg to research about.

If you don’t know much about networking, you may want to give a look at that too. Though OpenSSL like stuff will probably cover everything really…