What should i fill in the empty slot of the Android Option when it packages?


I have watched some videos about the empty blank in android, but i can’t understand what should i fill, where should i get the items and why should i fill it.

The following image show what I watched in the videos and what the people have filled.

The First is Extra Tags for <manifest> node
The Second is Extra Permissions (e.g. ‘android.permission.INTERNET’)

And the following image, I know what is each thing, but I don-t know where to get it.


[/LIST] The First is Google APP ID
The Second is Google Play License Key

The main questions are: Where do I get the items to fill those empty slots and does it need to publish the game in App Store? (I know that the second images, in the empty slots, i need to complete for ads, but in the first image i don’t know).

Thanks for the answer, i would really appreciate if you could send me a guide how to publish the game for app store (Not Packaging, since i know how to package the game).