What should i do?

I need help … I wanted to play Fortnite, but when I installed it and turned on it gave me the lobby. but when I jumped out of the bus I threw it back to the menu and wrote it to me: You have been removed from the match due to Internet lag, your IP or machine, VPN usage, or for cheating.We recommend not using VPN or proxy services while trying to play Fortnite. but I have never cheated. I do not have a proxy or a VPN. What should I do?

for fortnite support go to the fortnite support page. this is not the place to get help with fortnite issues.

that said it sounds like you have a slow internet connection. it could be the connection type your using, for instance if your on wireless then it will be slower and if your in a highly populated area then wireless is even worse. use a wired connection if you can since its faster and more stable / reliable. another issue could be where you live, if you live in a remote area then you again may not have a good connection outside of your house, meaning from your house to a major isp. try finding a network speed testing site online and see what results you get. or if on windows open the command prompt and type "ping " followed by a space then a website address. this will tell you how long it took to reach the site. if you have a low number then your connection is probably decent if its higher or doesnt make it through then you have an issue somewhere. for reference i just pinged google.com and got about 20ms which is pretty good, if your at 80 or 100ms id say thats probably bad and will give some lag but may still be playable, any more than that though.

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