What should I choose to create my terrain?

Having different approaches to solve a specific problem is nice, but sometimes a bit confusing for beginners.

In this case, I can think of four ways to create a terrain for my game:

  1. Create the terrain within UE4.
  2. Create the terrain within my 3d modelling package (Blender, Maya, 3Ds max, … you name it).
  3. Alternatively, I can also create a procedural terrain using Houdini.
  4. I could also create the terrain using a combination of the three techniques above.

Given how many ways there are to approach terrain creation, I was wondering which alternative is preferred by professionals. What do you think?

Have a nice day.

Depend, Houdini is over complicated
World Creator is much simplier

For creating a terrain and make texture mask i suggest World Creator ( or world machine )
To create procedural roads, place village, auto-level under house, placing foliage, houdini is a beast, but you need strong coding skill

The problem i got with houdini is the workflow, i never seen anywhere else, was hard to just import a heightmap
Also terrain texturing is a pain with houdini