What should be my next step?

I’ve implemented a spell system, with 5 basic types (bolt, ray, breath, summon, selfchanneling)
and a bunch of “effects” that the player can combine in order to create it’s own version of each spell.
For example you can create a bolt spell and add the “ice effect” which will slow down the opponents
and the “poison effect” which will also add additional damage over time (and will also change the particle effect spawned).

It’s multiplayer ready, it has a really basic HUD for create/edit/delete the spell and a spellbar system,
it also has the HUD showing the progress of the spell (more effects = more loading time)
and when pointing an enemy it shows the enemy current health
but not every effect is currently implemented.

I’m unsure on what should be my next step,
I’m a programmer and I pretty sucks at everything related to design or graphics in general.
I think I could put it in the marketplace but I’ve used Infinity Blade contents for the particle effects and icons downloaded from the internet.

I’m not even that interested in the marketplace, I would prefer to have a small working game that could be fun to play.
If it were for me I would simply release it open source but I’m not sure if the UE4 license allows me to do that.
And I don’t think I could make it playable by myself, as I said I’m no good at anything related graphics,
even if I bought the contents from the marketplace I’m no good as a level designers.

Any suggestions on what to do next?

hello sir

first, your post is very technical; i am worried that your talent has not find a corresponding creative one yet. solo projects rarely get finished. my suggestion is that you showcase your work, make it appealing, and launch a community project. maybe offer small amounts of royalties and find like 10 People who give you what u ask for. set a theme, set design guidelines to make the designs match and you might have a great project here.

keep in mind that there are a good portion of designers out there who lack the technical skills to develope a game. also, ideas are cheap, do not let somebody run you over with their imagination and visions. you should lead this project and the designer(s).

So the target should be to make like a small game to be sold on steam? I must also mention that I’m doing this on my sparetime, I already have a full time job and I have no previous experience developing games (I just did some freelance work on the subject but never been part of an actual team).
I don’t know how much effort should be put in it, for how long and how much it will be worth it.

What about releasing a marketplace packet with no contents (no particles and icons), and then maybe build up a new project for a game that use that package? Is my spell system worth something?

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It sounds perfect for Community Tools. In much the same way as this project is…
Otherwise only high quality / polished products get through marketplace vetting.
So give it away for free or keep it for another day as a project for collaboration.

how can they share the source? isn’t licence protected?

How would it be?

There’s no 3rd party tools, purchased assets, other licenses involved…

If this is all your own work, solely using the Unreal Engine you’re fine…

If that was true I could make my game open source, but I don’t think it is possible: