What server racks does anybody recommend for a multiplayer game?

I am going to be opening a studio for designing a game and was wondering if anyone knows of server racks that I can get for a multiplayer game that they can recommend.

Depends on the type of game, if it’s a MMO a dedicated server solution might be your best choice.
If it’s a shooter, or something that requires matchmaking you would most likely want to start new server instances by demand. It would be costly to have all the resources online all the time when the load would go up and down all the time, which is why solutions like Amazon Gamelift are amazing. Take a look at that, see if it fits your requirements.

If you’d like you could share more information on what type of game you’re gonna make, and we can try to guide you a little better to a solution.

Gamelift have built-in DDoS protection which is awesome (if you have your own server DDoS protection will cost you a fortune)…
But for persistent game worlds it suck.