What Scale to use When Designing and Creating a Game?

I was wondering if there is a general consensus as to what scale people use when designing their game? I trying to make a small building as a little project to start learning UE4 and game developing, and I don’t know what size to make my tiles for the floor and walls, and what scale to use to make furniture and assets or even the character. I don’t want to make the tiles to big, so it takes the character a long time go from point A to point B, and I don’t want the tiles to be to small either. Is there a universal scale used to help map out your creation?

I understand the scale can be, or is, arbitrary, but I was wondering if there is an agreed upon measurement/scale.

units in UE4 are in centimeters, so just use that. If you’re unsure what size things should be, then look up some standard sizes for things and start from there.

-1uu = 1 cm
-the default UE4 character is around 190cm

So just think in a real world scaling :slight_smile:

and thank you both for your help and response.

Also, to add to what Darth and said, It’s always a good idea to put the UE mannequin into your scene so you can see the size relations to how you are building your levels.
As well, you can always Import the model into your 3D program of choice so you can model your assets with a reference scale at hand!

Just some things I use :slight_smile:

I have found the following ‘scale’ info…

Character height 180cm.

Wall height 300cm

Door height: 210-230cm , width: 110-140cm

Stairs step height 15cm depth 30cm.

Window frames 230x140 …

Of course a CM is one unit in the editor as others have stated.

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I work in Maya in Feet scale, however I set my preferences back to centimeters before exporting as FBX because otherwise the scale comes in completely wrong (gigantic or tiny i can’t remember which).

You don’t have to scale it though in Maya if you just work in feet, (I generally keep my grid divided into inches).

Test your work. Model some test objects, like a simple character, a chair, a table, a door. Bring these in separately into UE4 and make sure the scales work with the first person or third person setup in UE4. Adjust the scale of your model if you need to, and you can do this in UE4 but just scaling your models then exporting them as fbx files back to Maya. Then you can adjust your scale in Maya and keep these default items around as scale reference to use in various files you use to make sure you are building to scale.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t build according to the inches and centimeters, but it gives a good visual reference to make sure everything is always on track and you haven’t slipped into a different scale on either end.