What´s the best way to toggle visibility for many object on/off via blueprint in gamemode?

i am new to this forum, searched and learned a lot from it. But now i come to a point where good help is needed from you.
Let´s say i imported 100 decor things in unreal and want to toggle it on and off with just a click of a keyboard or gamepad. What i learned now is, it can be done
in a blueprint with all separate meshes added in it and then build the logic with visibility on and off (like in the pic below). So far so good.
But, is there no efficient way to toggle on a group or a layer of objects at once?

I thought when i have layers or make a group of objects in the editor with all the 100 of decor things in it, i can then call it in the blueprint and turn off on like the separate meshes.
But i can´t find a way to do so. I don´t know how to add this named group or layer to the blueprint.

Does anyone know the solution or can point me in the right direction?
Thank you so much for your time