What redistributables are required for packaged game installs?

Hey just need to know what pre-req’s I need to install to a pc for my ue4.16 game to run (not using the Unrealprereq installer because we’re releasing through steam).

Is there an up to date list somewhere of the pre-reqs required for a particular engine version?


Based on 4.19.2:

DirectX End-User Runtimes - June 2010,
Visual C++ Redistributable2015

But I guess it depends on your game. I believe these are general settings.

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Thanks for the reply! Where did you find this information? I believe the original poster is asking about UE 4.16. I’m personally interested in UE 4.18. Is there a place where you found this information?

Did you find out where to look for this info?

nope, I have not. I assumed 4.18 was the same as 4.19, and am using Visual C++ Redist 2015 for now, but have no idea if that’s right.

So what is the proper procedure when releasing on Steam?

Should the “Include prerequisites installer” in the build configuration be set to false and the correct items be checked in Steamworks instead?

Or should the prerequisite installer be included, the Steamworks options be left blank, and you should instead create an install script in Steamworks that runs the prerequisites installer?

Or is it like on the Oculus store where you include the prerequisites installer in the build, leave all redistributable settings on the Oculus store blank and then Oculus will automatically handle the installation of the prerequisites included?

When you release you can leave it blank. The team at Steam will let you know what’s required for your game. But use the option I mentioned for the user above. I should at least save you a couple of days of doing back and forth with Steam if not running properly.

I got my info when I released my game. I should still be right. So use that option for now. If not, the team at Steam will let you know. That’s how I learned.

Just so that I understand, will the team at Steam tell you what needs to be included based on their review of the release candidate? Or will they get that info from users after release somehow?

I’m currently checking the Recommended Specifications for UE4 and it has a list of all the things that their prerequisites installer will include. It mentions at the bottom that Xinput, X3DAudio and XAudio are very important as they’re not included in the standard installation of DirectX. So I’m just wondering if the DirectX June 2010 option on Steamworks includes those.

I bet you’re right that by checking DirectX and Visual C++ 2015 it is highly likely that everything will work perfectly (and certainly worked for your title). But to be completely certain, it’s worth considering including the Prerequisites installer and using a Steamworks build script that runs it. The only downside to that being that it takes a bit of time to install, and will ask if you want to uninstall if you have already installed it (which may cause some confusion to users).

I’ll say. Don’t worry too much about this part. They test this for you before you release it. Once you press that green button for review, they test all this for you. It seems that they test this on a machine that has never run a game before, so it makes the installer for your game aware of what’s required for your game to run on a brand new machine. In two or three days they come back to you with feedback if there’s another requirement. So yes, if you check that option it will likely be all you need.

Excellent, thank you so much for your help!