What project categories i should choose for making short animation from twitch clip?

Hello, i’m new to unreal engine. Recently i’m interested to use unreal engine because i know unreal engine capable for making animation especially not for making games in general. So i was watching several twitch streamer clip for some interesting/hilarious moment that i want to recreate but i don’t know what categories i should choose because its kinda confusing in the first place that ‘game’ categories in general for making games, but when i see ‘film, television, and live events’ its too professional for ambitious film making like actual movie shooting in studio and stuff.

For example here is the clip of a guy dancing with his RGB light in the dark in his room: Twitch

Any help/answer appreciated, thank you

You can use any template you see fit, since you’ll be working with Sequencer to do machinima style videos with UE4. Sequencer is available on all template types, and if you’re working with Datasmith, you can simply enable it from the Plugins menu.

For less clutter in your work environment, I’d suggest you to go with Blank Game template and start animating stuff. If you want to use pure engine to the max, you can check out the Control Anim Rig example in the Learn tab of the Epic Launcher.