What programs to use?

I’m thinking of making a 2d game, but with animations like this:

But I want to know more options. Does anyone know anymore programs that work like this, or can do this sort of thing?

If this is the wrong place, i’m sorry, it was the only forum section that made sense to me at this time

yeah totally possible with ue4 not a problem

Maybe I worded it wrong, but i’m asking for other options that people may know. Such as the link I provided, I want to do it with a program like that(Or can treat art something like that). I would like to know more options before doing my purchase!

Sorry for the confusion

spline also ?

I don’t see unreal in the runtimes section, unless I missed it somewhere? Does spine work 100% for sure?


The UE4 runtimes for Creature are on Github:

Runtimes for UE4 are very mature at this point, with it being deployed on many platforms (PC, Mac, XBox One and PS4)