What Program runs the packed .exe file?

Once I have cooked and packaged my project, what program in windows is required to run the app file? It appears to be associated with UE4; is this correct? Why would a user I distribute this game to be required to have UE4 to run the game?

Are you clicking on the black (by default) Yourprojectname.exe or the blue Yourprojectname.uproject?
The path for the exe is FolderYouChose\WindowsNoEditor\Projectname\Binaries then you should have a Win32 or Win64 folder depending what settings you used to package and inside there will be the Yourprojectname.exe

They also may need Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013, I just tried my “game” on a second non UE4 pc and it said msvcr120.dll was missing.
After I installed the redistributable it worked fine.

Yes, you are correct. I just tried it on a friend’s computer, and this is the same error I was given. Thanks for figuring out what the fix is!