What program do you use for screencapturing?

I want to get some tips to a decent and not too expensive screencapturing software. I got Shadowplay, but that lets me only capture a part of a screen and not the whole screen (?).
I also know that there is some capturesoftware on Steam, have anyone tried them out?

I always use the screen capture tool from camtasia :slight_smile:

Make sure to take a look at those threads:

I allways use OBS (open broadcaster software) free open source and can work with nvidia hardware encoding

OBS looks awesome, think I will use that. Thanks :slight_smile:

I used to use fraps but it bugged out on me even after updating it, plus it is not really compatible with UE4 so I use OBS and actually prefer it now!

I still use Fraps, no bugs on my end.

I use Shadowplay. You have to enable desktop capture if you want to … capture desktop :smiley:

Same but you also need to have Aero turned on.

Camtasia all the way :>

I’ve experienced way too many issues with Fraps. Camtasia :slight_smile:

Camtasia is great but really expensive, I found a program called Action! which works great for me. It doesn’t have a video editor included with it but i didn’t really like using the Camtasia one anyways