What process should I follow?

Hi Folks.

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction!

I am after playing around with Unreal for a few years now and I want to try making a beginner game for myself. Something not too complicated but anyways I have an idea about that.

My question is, what is the starting point after I have done the initial GD document for myself? Should I jump straight into getting the game mechanics done or start blocking out the level and once that is done, focus on mechanics?

Does it really matter or is there a set way? If anyone has any link to something in documentation or a good article to read Id really appreciate it!

Edit: I found this but not sure what is the overall view of it: - Process for Creating a Game - #3 by CoquiGames

An important issue to consider is the objective, the type of game you want to play. If it is a single person, a simple idea, it would be enough, otherwise if you aspire to create a GTA V, you will fall by the wayside, due to several factors, such as not having the necessary skills to establish certain things, be it graphics, animations, etc.

Now, the starting point is to make a script, an outline of your game, this implies how to write a story, each level is a chapter of it, then you make a sketch of the game, where there are only prototypes, for example mountains, but not necessarily have to be real, can be four triangles that will be improved, made the above you create a prototype of the game, based on cubes, spheres, first you go for the mechanics of the game, where your player is a cube, and this moves through a scenario reaching goals, reaching scores, losing life in obstacles, all very simple, and eventually you enter to polish of sizes, which showed the life of the player in numbers, then you implement a progress bar, but never abandon the main idea, something very simple, something very simple.

Now, two heads always think better than one, my recommendation is that you join a development team, continue learning, but specialize in something in particular, something that makes you unique in the management of the UE4 tool, for example, artificial intelligence, advanced locomotion system programmer, etc…

I wish you luck in your project.

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That is fantastic advice! Thank you so much.

Once I have a starting point I can go from there. No my first attempt will be get from point A to Point B with a few branches in between. Just to see things! :slight_smile:

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