What part of Computer Science and Engineering maths is applied to UE4 and Game design

Can someone tell me?

I know they say math and in some cases electrical engineering is a necessity to become a good programmer or game developer etc. But what about it is applied?

Algorithm Analysis and Design? but how?

Sorry I am new I am just trying to see how my Computer Engineering degree that I am studying for will fit into this. :slight_smile:

For math, itโ€™s mostly linear algebra. Vectors and Matricies, dot and cross products, etc.

For Blueprint, itโ€™s graph theory and compiler technologies.

when it comes to computer engineering, you should also be making circuits, dealing with boolean algebra, deworkingling with chips and micro processors,and even some assembler. Knowing how these things work will help you write more efficient code, help with debugging, and give you more practice with the thought process and logic you need to be a programmer.

Thanks guys, so much appreciated.
We started Electrical Systems yesterday and Programming 1 class with C language.

C is a good starting point, game engines are often written in C++ (like UE 4). Spend some time studying object-oriented programming as it will help when you move to C++ and read the UE4 source code. Iโ€™d also suggest picking up one of the books off ofthis list.

thank you I will do that.

We had introduction to calculus today and wow man am I rusty. Its tough, and they will know if to place some of us in a pre calculus module before we are allowed to continue the current level 1 calculus but all other modules will remain intact. So for the next 7 days I have most other stuff on a little hold to brush up on my maths. Then I shall get some C books